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R&D platform


Shandong Crop Harvest Engineering Technology Research Center is administratively managed by Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd., the first supporting unit. The legal representative is concurrently served by Cui Shoubo, the chairman of Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd.


The research center implements open management, the executive deputy director is responsible for the system, and develops a strict competition and appointment system. The deputy director of the center and the directors of the research institutes regularly evaluate and quantify the work objectives. Those with outstanding achievements will be rewarded, and those who fail to complete the task will be dismissed.


The research center implements enterprise management internally, and the business in engineering research and development is relatively independent, and independent accounting is implemented. Establish a good employment mechanism, the research center can hire staff independently, can go up and down, and get rewards according to contributions.


The research center provides engineering services for the supporting units, and is open to the provinces and abroad. It provides a good environment for the transformation of research results, engineering research and development, and technical trials of relevant researchers inside and outside the province. It implements paid services and gradually realizes scientific research-development-product-market. A virtuous circle.


The construction of the engineering center adopts a diversified investment mechanism. The source of funds is mainly provided by the relying unit Shandong Juming Machinery Co., Ltd., supplemented by the subsidies given by the competent departments and the funds obtained from participating in the government projects, ensuring the normal operation of the engineering technology center.