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Ju Ming: Fuxin debut at the International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

Qingdao International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition Outdoor Special Equipment Zone, a 600-flat site, “Zhongnongfa Juming”, “China Agricultural Development” and “Juming Group” are particularly eye-catching. This is the strategy of Shandong Juming Group and China Agricultural Development Group. Since the cooperation, it has made its debut at a national large-scale exhibition, with orange-red products, a team of spirited participants, a brand-new corporate image, and a brand-new product design. “Ju Minghong” once again shines in the National Conference.

In 2015, it was a tough year for the harvesting machinery market, especially the corn machine market. Faced with the situation that the subsidy funds could not be reached, the situation facing the country’s second-time national time was urgent, and the corn machine enterprises of all sizes were fierce. The competition, Ju Ming calmly responded, and took out his own fist products: the new three-line 358 upgrade version, the new four-line 452 upgrade version, carried out dozens of technical improvements and upgrades, increased a variety of configurations, fully meet the Central Plains, Northeast In addition, the harvest of the main regional corn crops, in addition, the new two rows of 268, three rows of 360, five rows of 545, six rows of 632 and other models and the stem and stem type silage machine, corn kernel machine also maintained high demand in some areas. Formed the “Leading Product Leading, Multi-product Follow-up All-Region Delivery” model, the product market share and coverage have been greatly improved, production and sales have reached the best level in history, maintaining the leading position in the corn machine market, and through Use, this year, the giant corn machine again with the "peeling net, high efficiency, good performance" advantage, has been widely recognized by users, and some received more than 2,000 acres, and some Years to recover the cost, as well as through the use of corn machine Order wheat machine. Juming relies on the strong driving of R&D, quality and service, which is a strong driving force for continuous, stable and healthy development. It has become a national key agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing enterprise with great influence and high visibility. . Zhongnongfa Group is able to see the good development momentum of Juming, choose Juming, and enter the agricultural machinery sector with a high starting point. Ju Ming also continued their pace of progress, continued to improve in the field of harvesting machinery, diversified varieties, product serialization, this national meeting, brought a line, two rows, three rows, four rows, five rows and crawler Corn machine series, high horsepower, large feed wheat machine, straw and stem type silage machine, wheat, corn and other crop straw balers, and show another new field of power machinery products - large Horsepower tractors, launched a total of five series, a strong lineup of 15 varieties, gathered into an orange-red ocean, the scene is magnificent, the atmosphere is warm. The above-mentioned scenario of the National Conference is the result of continuous improvement and continuous improvement of Ju Ming. At the meeting, Ju Ming's new small-row and two-row corn machine attracted the attention of the audience with its simple structure, beautiful appearance, small size and full function. The two models are not only novel in design, but more importantly, they are especially suitable for mountain, hill and small plot operations, and they are small in investment, fast in profit, and very practical. The hydraulic drive or four-wheel drive type three-wheel machine, four-line machine and five-line machine are specially designed for the northeast market. This year, Juming has achieved great success in the northeast market, especially in the Jilin and Liaoning markets. On the basis of the combination of local users and regional adaptability, the products are more comprehensive in configuration, better and more adaptable, to ensure that the needs of the Northeast market and users are met. It is suitable for the new three lines 358 and the new four lines 452 of the Central Plains. It is upgraded again, and the types are more abundant. The hydraulic drive or stepless speed change is optional. The middle or side row of the sorghum is optional, and the chopping device is optional. In short, it meets different areas. And the needs of the users. The crawler corn machine is another masterpiece of Ju Ming. It is especially suitable for wetland, hills and mountainous areas. Especially in the domestic southern and Southeast Asian markets, it has been used by trial batches and has obtained the advantages of superior performance, high efficiency and reliability. Recognition, the market potential is large. Straw balers such as wheat and corn are the supporting tools introduced by Ju Ming. They can be matched with wheat machines and corn machines or directly attached to tractors for straw baling. Collecting straw can be used as livestock feed, which is the development of animal husbandry. Ideally, collecting straw at the same time can avoid straw burning and comply with environmental protection policies. At the exhibition, it can be said that the biggest surprise of Ju Ming is that it has announced that it has joined forces with the central enterprises to enter the power machinery. This is also a major initiative of the 13th Five-Year Plan of the Jubilee Group and has received support from the China Agricultural Development Group. In the face of fierce competition, Ju Ming fully understands the situation, actual research, on the basis of harvesting machinery, to achieve business expansion and improve the overall development strength of the enterprise. It is understood that Juming is mainly developing large-horsepower tractors, using existing channels to build teams in R&D, manufacturing, sales, and service. In 2016, it will achieve mass production, stabilize the market, and brand. In the development history of more than 50 years, Ju Ming has achieved success through repeated reforms, reforms, business development, transformation and upgrading, and the reasons may be due to the fact that Ju Ming has been fighting for more than 30 years. We understand some reasons. He said that the rapid development of Ju Ming is mainly to keep up with the development of the society, keep up with the pace of the market, keep up with the needs of users, seize the opportunity, dare to do, willing to work, especially Harvesting mechanical products, doing a good job of independent innovation, timely updating, and getting the products that are available, there are products that allow users to buy money and earn money. It is this kind of "grounding gas" that reminds us that Juming can develop from a single type of production-oriented small enterprise to a production line with more than 100 varieties of production and trade technology. Agricultural equipment manufacturing enterprises, Ju Ming insists on the business philosophy of "continuous improvement, continuous innovation, development in change, development in development", the needs of society, the needs of the country, the needs of users In the first place, provide as many advanced and applicable products as possible, do your best to make the most beautiful products, and do your best to perfect your service.

The brand new giant, new image, new products, integrity, innovation, dedication, to be the leader of the agricultural machinery market, to be the provider of the entire agricultural mechanization, Ju Ming people have been working hard.